In the evening I occasionally like to watch a documentary (and have talked about their importance) or two and yesterday evening was no different. I am used to the cheesy nature of National Geographic and Eden type programmes but have never physically burst out laughing as much as I did during this one! The culprit - Amazing Planet: Born of Fire on Eden in the UK at the moment.

It is evidently an American made documentary with a female speaker and if you watch it you will understand when I say that I have never heard someone make volcanoes sound so much like moody teenagers and the sexual connotations were everywhere!

The script writers certainly need to look at what they have written...here are some examples:

- "Why is it some volcanoes go BOOM instead of BLOOP?" - I don't know....she never really got round to telling me and have you ever heard a volcano go BLOOP?! 
- "Pyroclastic flows are hotter than your oven." - Brilliant thanks for that incite!
- "The mantle is like glowing taffy" - First of all what is taffy and what the hell does it look like when its glowing!
- "Plates perform their catastrophic mating dance" - Talking about subduction - WOW - also used the terms - plunging, ramming and thrusting a lot when talking about ridges - not really sure there is much of that going on at volcanoes love!

- "The Earth is like something Dr Frankenstein put together"- Really, are you sure? I think its quite beautiful myself...
- How did the Himalayas form? Like this apparently - "Then 50 million years ago, BOOM" - BRILLIANT!

- "For a glimpse of what could be giving the globe major indigestion-go to Hawaii" - Why? Is the Earth ill? Should I be concerned at all? Should I call a Doctor?
- "The Earth, spits and vomits and generally has a bad case of indigestion" - Poor Kilauea its going through a tough time it would seem...
- "Earth soup performing its acrobatics" - more an Hawaiian eruptions.

And finally: "Montserrat is totally repressed" - have no idea where she was going with this one...should I be offering counselling to the lava dome? Is it going through a difficult time?

Anyhow, if you get chance to watch it, I highly recommend it, very amusing!



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