I meant to post this way back in September after my latest field visit to Mount Etna, but never got round to it/forgot! A couple of photos showing how quickly the weather can change on Etna. The day before it was very cold but no signs of snow and woke up to this the next morning. Below is the Pizzi Deneri volcano observatory where I was lucky enough to stay for a week during September.

Needless to say not a lot of work got done on this day and a hasty retreat back down the flanks was made (to where it was nice and warm!). This serves to demonstrate that there are more hazards when working on a volcano than just the volcano itself!



21/01/2013 21:58

Great blog. I hope you're having fun in your work. Be safe.

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23/01/2013 08:23

Manam Volcano in PNG erupted on Jan 12, 2013.
It produced a 45,000 ft ash plume. From the
Earth perspective, an elegant 5-axis symmetric
astronomical pattern (pentad) was active just
at the time of the eruption - also very close
to the timing of the January new moon.
Furthermore, the main axis of the pattern
centered about the star Pollux - generally
associated with geologic activity. This was
the case with the Krakatoa eruption in 1883.
Symmetric patterns have also been found
associated with weather events.

21/02/2013 14:39

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